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A Customizable Pillow for Your Best Night's Sleep!
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Measured for Perfect Fit

Two Infusion Options

Choose Your Density

Which Winkzzz Infusion is right for You?

Explore the benefits of our two luxury infusion options


Winkzzz Refresh

Our custom gel memory foam pillow sized to you with a Bio-Ceramic infusion to keep you cool as a cucumber all night long. This pillow helps increase circulation & decrease muscle tension.

FROM $229


Winkzzz Renew

Our custom gel memory foam pillow sized to you with a Copper infusion to reduce pain & inflammation. Copper is anti-aging, 99.9% antibacterial & hypoallengic!

FROM $229

Introducing Winkzzz

Revolutionary Medical Design

Uniquely Contoured Shape

Luxury Infusions

Intuitive Measurement App

30 Night Sleep Easy Trial

Environmentally Sustainable

Winkzzz Pillow Rotating

Father's Day Sleep Bundles

Shop Winkzzz Gift Bundles now & save!

Get dad a customized luxury pillow he is sure to love. He can say goodbye to snoring and neck pain. Our pillows come customized with infusion options and sizing to fit Dad.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Wake up to glowing skin & healthy hair!

22-momme, 100% pure Mulberry Silk. Hypoallergenic, naturally breathable, anti-aging, and dust-mite resistant.


Love Is Love

Celebrate Pride with Winkzzz Pride collection designed to embrace divserity and support LGBTQ2S+ Youth

Free Shipping on Pride Collection

The Magic of a Winkzzz Night's Sleep!

Its not magic, it's medical expertise & innovation science.

  • Shape

    Stop tossing and turning all night! Your body isn't shaped like a rectangle so why are you sleeping on one? Winkzzz pillows are designed with medical expertise by a chiropractor with 25 years of experience in the human body. Sleep peacefully with perfect resting posture and start your day with a positive (pain-free) mindset.

  • Perfect Pillow Fit

    We promise a pillow that is a perfect fit for your toughest sleep problems. We created a technology that allows us to use your measurements and customizations to make your perfect pillow. Use our Perfect Pillow Fit Quiz to customize all aspects of your pillow. Remember, quality sleep is critical for a strong immune system and overall health.

  • High Quality Infusions

    When customizing your pillow can choose between two high-quality luxury infusions. Suffer from pain & inflammation? Winkzzz Renew with Copper will reduce pain and promote tissue healing while you sleep. Tired of waking up hot? Winkzzz Refresh with Bio-Ceramic improves circulation and keeps you cool all night long. 

3 Easy Steps to Your Best Night's Sleep


Take Our Perfect Pillow Quiz

Click "Buy Now" and get ready to customize the pillow of your dreams! We will take you on a quick 2 minute Perfect Pillow Fit Quiz to customize a pillow that fits exactly what you need!


Complete Your Purchase

Once you get your Perfect Pillow Fit Results you can "Add to Cart" and complete your purchase. Don't forget to check out our luxurious pillowcase add-ons. 



Have Your Best Night's Sleep

Your Winkzzz Pillow gets manufactured 5-7 business days after the customization link is complete. You will be getting your zzz’s on within a few short weeks. With our 30 Night Sleep Easy Trial, you have nothing to lose - except another night’s sleep.

Hear What our Well Rested Customers Have to Say!

We know what it’s like to wake up in the morning unrested and dreading the day ahead. Or finally falling asleep only to wake up a few hours later sweating and uncomfortable. A bad night’s sleep sets the mood for your day. You need to be well-rested. Chronic pain and lack of sleep are two key factors that affect overall mood & health.

Don't take our word for it, hear what our satisfied well-rested customers have to say. All Winkzzz pillows come with a 30 Night Sleep Easy Trial.

As Seen In

Sleep Soundly with Your Decision! All Pillows Include:

  • 30 Night Sleep Easy Trial

  • Hassle free returns

  • 1 year warranty

The Magic Behind Winkzzz



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