About Us

The Winkzzz dream team was formed in 2018 when Adelina Doppler, a forward-thinking CEO, and mom, approached her best friend of 20 years, Chiropractor Dr. William Heidary to make a global impact on sleep for every-body! With over 15 years experience in the health & wellness sector and as a successful business executive, Adelina was tired —exhausted, really, of settling for sub-par sleep. Like many of you, Adelina has experienced the impact of a bad night’s sleep on a productive day. Dr. William Heidary was more than happy to partner as Winkzzz’s creative designer by leveraging his 25 years of medical experience treating patients and after overcoming his own life-changing injury.

Dr. Will's Design Expertise & Personal Glow Up

At the age of 19, Dr. William Heidary sustained a life-altering injury during a varsity wrestling tournament and discovered he had fractured the C5 vertebrae —literally broke his neck! His injury left him with residual effects, and Dr. Will’s quality of life only improved after discovering chiropractic care. This type of injury affects your sleep quality and how you feel when you wake up in the morning. After devoting years of his professional life to helping others in chronic pain, Dr. Will partnered with Adelina to bring you Winkzzz. The Winkzzz design comes from years of caring for patients who suffer from chronic pain and common sleep problems.

2019-2021 Reinventing the Pillow with Technology

Over the past two years, Winkzzz has meticulously designed, tested, and redesigned their pillow until they reached 100% patient satisfaction. With Adelina’s wellness mission and Dr. Will’s design innovation, they have created something genuinely groundbreaking using technology to customize their pillows and by sourcing luxury materials and infusions.

After designing their proprietary Winkzzz App and Measurement Tool, they are now ready to launch on Kickstarter and make sleep dreamy again by restoring restful sleep, improving daily productivity, and increasing energy to create a global impact through each individual.

Making Sleep Dreamy Again

Pillows are just the beginning! Winkzzz will continue to expand and develop its personal line of customized sleep products that reverse engineer sleep problems and apply science-based solutions. Adelina & Dr. Will can’t wait for you to experience your best night’s sleep with just one Winkzzz!


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