Pillow Care Instructions

Now that you have your new pillow you'll want to follow our Winkzzz Pillow Care Instructions so you can properly care for your new purchase. 

Do Not Wash Your Pillow

Your Winkzzz Pillow is infused with special materials and is shaped to perfection, therefore, we do NOT recommend washing it --ever. Remember, copper, contains anti-bacterial properties and does not require cleaning. 

Purchase a Winkzzz Custom Pillow Case

We highly recommend purchasing a Winkzzz Custom Pillowcase. Not only is it an extra layer of protection for your Winkzzz Pillow, but it is also a custom size and fits perfectly to add protection and comfort to your sleep experience. 

Wash Your Protective Case & Custom Pillow Case

Always keep your Winkzzz protective case (included) on your pillow unless you are washing it. When you wash the protective case and/or your custom Winkzzz Pillowcase you can air your Winkzzz pillow out. But do not put the pillow into the washing machine or use any chemical cleaners on it.

Sharing a Pillow

Once you experience the benefits of our Winkzzz pillow you may be tempted to tell everyone you love about it. That’s great! But keep in mind that these pillows are not meant to be shared. 

The shape of your Winkzzz Pillow is designed to fit you based on your perfect pillow fit. While someone may “try” the pillow, they may not experience the same comfort as you because they aren’t the same size as you. Prolonged sharing of the pillow may distort the integrity of the pillow. Therefore, we do not recommend sharing your pillow.

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