Sleep Easy. We’ve Got You Covered!

Your new custom Winkzzz Pillow is covered by a 1 Year Limited Warranty. As a Winkzzz customer, you are eligible for a 1 Year Limited Warranty on any pillow you have purchased through winkzzz.com. For 1 year after your purchase, we cover manufacturers defects under our warranty and will offer a one-time pillow replacement or repair. This warranty includes all parts of the pillow without any fee or deductible to the purchaser. Pillow return, repair, and/or replacement costs will be covered by Winkzzz at no additional costs to the customer.

Who is Covered?

The Winkzzz Pillow Warranty extends to the original purchaser of any Winkzzz Pillow who is located in Canada and the United States. The pillow warranty is only valid while owned by the original purchaser and not used for commercial purposes (sold on e-commerce, in stores, or used for hotel purposes). Please retain a proof of receipt which will be sent after purchase to the email address on record. Winkzzz Limited Warranties are not transferable.

Original proof of purchase will be required upon any warranty requests.

What Is Covered Under Warranty:


Defects or flaws due to manufacturer defects or faulty workmanship.
Any flaw or defect in the Winkzzz Pillow protective covering (included with purchase). In this event, Winkzzz may determine to repair or replace the pillow covering. *Not to be confused with pillowcases*

Not Covered

Comfort or pillow height preference.
Normal “wear & tear” such as softening or settling of materials.
Any damage to the Winkzzz Pillow caused by the customer including but not limited to burns, tears, stains, cuts, or liquid damage.
Damage incurred by customer transportation after initial delivery.
A Winkzzz Pillow sold by any retailers or resellers other than winkzzz.com


In the event of a defect as outlined above the original purchaser will return the Winkzzz Pillow to Winkzzz.com with proof of the original date of purchase. Winkzzz will not charge the purchaser to replace a defective pillow. If shipping costs are required to return the pillow, you will not personally incur these costs.

Replaced or repaired pillows and/or covers are subject to the same pillow warranty as the original pillow. If your pillow has been replaced or repaired the warranty date begins from the original date of purchase.


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