Congratulations, you have found the perfect pillow to complement your CPAP machine!

People who use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine often struggle to find a comfortable way to sleep that accommodates their mask. Our medically designed CPAP pillow provides maximum comfort while providing the special Winkzzz features you know and love.

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Keep your airways open

The Winkzzz CPAP pillow is customized to your individual fit and has the correct shape and size to ensure that your airways are kept open and your CPAP mask is unincumbered.

Winkzzz Copper-Infused Anti-inflammatory Technology


Winkzzz Copper-Infused technology ensures that your pillow is 99% anti-bacterial, reducing inflammation, improving neck pain & enhancing circulation while you sleep.


100% Customizable

No more one-size fits all solution. Choose between 6 (six) different sizes & 3 (three) density options to customize a pillow as unique as you!

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