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Our affiliate program is effortless. All you have to do is recommend our product to your patients. We take care of measurements, product storage, shipping, and payment. We even offer your patients a 30 Night Sleep Easy Trial so you can feel confident in sending them to Winkzzz.

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Making Sleep Dreamy!

What is Winkzzz?

Winkzzz is a sleep solution company that manufactures high-quality medical-grade sleep & wellness products for adults of all ages.

Winkzzz reverse engineers sleep problems and then applies medical-based solutions, based on designs by Chiropractor Dr. William Heidary, to target and solve specific sleep concerns.

The Winkzzz mission is to "make sleep dreamy" again by restoring restful sleep, improving daily productivity, and increasing energy to make a global impact through each individual. "Making Sleep Dreamy Again" is not only our goal, it's our tagline.

Winkzzz logo

Breaking the Mould...- Literally!

What Makes Us Different

So what makes Winkzzz different? We are glad you asked! With so many products on the market, why should you join Winkzzz? Our affiliates are elite medical professionals who can understand the value of medically designed products and services. Our platform and products are also very unique.

  • Our Pillows are Customized

    This isn't a one size fits all scenario. Using the Winkzzz Perfect Pillow Quiz on the Winkzzz website your patients input their sizing and personal customizations.

  • Designed by a Chiropractor

    Our pillows are designed with intent and purpose. Using years of chiropractic knowledge and anatomical expertise we have designed our pillows to optimize comfort while providing medical benefits.

  • Include Quality Infusions

    Many brands boast benefits of their pillows but few actually infuse the pillows with materials to help address pain or sleep issues. Our pillows are infused with quality copper or ceramic to deliver a truly beneficial and unique experience.

Tour the Winkzzz Pillow with Dr. William Heidary

The Medical Design Video

Winkzzz Can Help

Common Conditions Our Products Help

Here are just a few of the common patient complaints we help alleviate with our pillows! If this sounds familiar then our pillows are a perfect solution.


Neck pain

Night sweats




Pregnancy discomfort


Poor posture



Sleep apnea

Works with C-PAP


Hot flashes

Winkzzz Pillows

  • Winkzzz Renew

    Winkzzz Renew is infused with copper to reduce swelling, inflammation, and chronic pain.

  • Winkzzz Refresh

    The Winkzzz Refresh is infused with ceramic to keep you cool as a cucumber all night and reduce night sweats!

Customizable fit
Choice of 3 densities
High-quality gel memory foam
99% anti-bacterial
Shoulder & neck support for side sleepers
Cradles head for back sleepers
Unique medical design
30 Night Sleep Easy Trial
Organic cotton casing
Copper infusion
Ceramic infusion
Reduces inflammation
Alleviates pain
Alleviates joint pain from arthritis
Improves circulation
Encourages regrowth of joint cartilage
Anti-aging & collagen boosting
Creates infrared energy
Breathable and durable
Resistant to heat
Reduces stress
Improves blood oxygen levels


Patients can choose between two custom-fit pillowcase options. Our pillows come with a GOT certified case but we recommend a Winkzzz pillow case because they are custom shape and fit.

Custom fit case
Fits Winkzzz Refresh
Fits Winkzzz Renew
Environmentally Sustainable
Machine washable
22-momme, 100% mulberry silk
Temperature regulating
Dust-mite resistant
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Improves hair texture, reduces hair-loss

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Affiliate Program work?

You will educate patients and sell Winkzzz products using your personalized code. This code will be provided by Winkzzz once you have been approved to become an affiliate. We will provide you with customized tools and marketing for success.

How do I qualify to become an affiliate?

You qualify to become an affiliate by being a professional in the health & wellness field. Winkzzz is ideal for health & wellness practices, medical doctors, sleep clinics, and more! This pillow is a fantastic option for patients of multi-disciplinary medical and/or alternative wellness practices.

Can I earn being an affiliate?

Yes. Once you have been approved by Winkzzz you will be provided a personal code to use for your patients and customers. When orders are placed using your personal code you will be compensated. Full compensation details will be provided upon approval.

Do you support affiliate success?

Yes. Once you have been approved to become a Winkzzz Affiliate we offer marketing materials and pillow samples for your practice. We educate affiliates on the products and how to guide customers through the measurement process.

Bloggers, Content Creators, and Influencers

Winkzzz is open to working with and compensating bloggers, content creators, and influencers. Please contact [email protected] for full details on how to sign-up as an influencer and receive compensation.

Apply Now

If you are interested in becoming a Winkzzz affiliate or carrying our product line in-store please apply now using the “Become an Affiliate Button” at the top of the page. After you submit this form our business manager will respond to your inquiry.

We make trying something new easy!

30 Night Sleep Easy Trial

Your patient can try our pillow for 30 nights and if they are not satisfied they can contact customer care and arrange to return it! That's how sure we are that they will love the changes to their sleep quality from our pillows.

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