We all have questions when making a new purchase! Here are some of our most helpful pages to answer all your Winkzzz questions and concerns.

How is Winkzzz gel memory foam different from regular memory foam?

The significant difference is that traditional memory foam can trap body heat as a side effect of foam density. Traditional memory foam also doesn’t hold its shape for long periods of time. Winkzzz gel memory foam absorbs heat and wicks it away, it also holds its shape and integrity over time.

How often do I have to replace a Winkzzz Pillow? 

The average pillow on the market needs to be replaced yearly (or sooner) when it loses its shape, form, and support. Winkzzz Pillows are designed to last twice as long as the average pillow. Winkzzz Renew is 99.9% anti-bacterial and made from the highest quality sustainable gel memory foam, which holds its shape and neck support under pressure. All our pillows come with a 1 Year Warranty.

Are Winkzzz Pillows allergy-friendly?

Yes! The Winkzzz Renew is infused with copper and recommended specifically for people with allergies. They are 99.9% antibacterial and dust-mite resistant. The GOT-certified case is organic and hypoallergenic so you can rest easy knowing you are safe from allergic reactions sleeping on a Winkzzz Pillow.

What is the shipping process?

Follow this link to learn more about shipping.

How does the 30 Night Sleep Easy Trial work?

Follow this link to learn more about the 30 night risk-free trial.

What if I put in the wrong measurements?

Learn more about our return policy.

What is your warranty policy?

Learn more about our warranty policy.

What is your return process?

Learn more about our return policy.

What are the Care Instructions for my new Winkzzz Pillow?

Learn more how to care for your pillow.

What if I don’t want to use the Winkzzz App?

We get it, not everyone wants to download the Winkzzz App and that’s OK! We also have the Perfect Pillow Fit Tool that will guide you with taking your measurements and ask you about your toughest sleep issues. Once you purchase your pillow, we will send you the link for the customization tool.

Is Winkzzz environmentally friendly?

Our pillows are made with polyols which is an environmentally sustainable gel memory foam that doesn’t off-gas. This matters for two reasons:

First, this material holds its shape under pressure and won’t need to be replaced as often.

Second, our gel memory foam can be recycled in various ways to remove it from the waste stream and to recapture the value inherent in the material. The material can either be reused or it can be broken down into its chemical constituents. This makes polyol a more desirable material when reducing the environmental footprint.

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