Neck pain from sleeping the wrong way

Yes, you read that, right! There are consequences to sleeping the “wrong way,” and it usually results in waking up with neck pain. Sleep posture is just as important as your daytime posture. If your neck is bent or twisted in one direction for too long while you sleep, you may find yourself reaching for pain medication or making a trip to the chiropractor in the morning. 

According to a study by Harvard Medical Online, “Sleep disturbances disrupt the muscle relaxation and healing that normally occur during sleep.” Even more reasons why you need a pillow with the proper shape and infusion to give you the best night’s sleep. Winkzzz offers customizable pillow’s that address many sleep factors and notably chronic pain! 

Unsupportive Pillow: The Neck Pain Culprit 

If you have been waking up with neck pain, then chances are your pillow is not supporting your head or neck in a “neutral position” throughout the night. If you are a stomach sleeper like 16% of the population then this is particularly problematic because you are sleeping with your head both twisted and improperly supported putting excessive pressure on your neck joints. 

In general, pillows that are stuffed with filling (whether microfibre or feathers) easily lose their shape and support throughout the night which means you are losing the postural support you started with. Pillows that are too stiff and firm present another problem. They force your neck to stay flexed overnight, resulting in morning neck pain and stiffness. 

The best option is to choose a memory foam pillow that supports the head/neck while contouring to your unique shape. Some people find memory foam pillows to be too hot at night. If you wake in the night from being too hot, then a ceramic infused memory foam pillow, like the Winkzzz Refresh is ideal for you. 

Practice Best Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on your back and side are superior positions for a neutral neck and spine. The problem is that most pillows don’t offer the proper shape or support to cradle you in those positions, and that may be causing additional issues throughout your body. If you are a stomach sleeper, then chances are you are having a hard time breaking that habit. For further help with stomach sleeping, visit our article Winkzzz Pillow Breaks the Unhealthy Habit of Stomach Sleeping.

A Pillow that Relieves Pain While You Sleep

Imagine a pillow that not only supports you both for side sleeping and back sleeping, but that also has properties to help reduce pain while you sleep. The Winkzzz Renew Pillow is a customized cervical memory foam pillow infused with copper. 

Not only are you lulled to sleep in the most supportive cervical pillow, but copper infusion is known for helping with many pain and health issues like:

  • Inflammation
  • Joint Pain
  • Cartilage Repair 
  • Increase Circulation 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Neck and Disc Injuries 

Say Good-Bye to Morning Neck Pain

If you want to say good-bye to morning neck pain, then Winkzzz Renew Pillow is ideal for you. Using a pillow that fits your exact shape while addressing your unique pain will increase the optimal sleeping time. Get measured using our Perfect Fit Pillow App and try it now with our 120 Night Risk-Free Trial. 

We can’t wait to see you get your zzz’s on! 

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