Refresh Pillow

Refresh Pillow

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Get Your Best Night’s Sleep & Wake Up Feeling Refreshed with our Winkzzz Refresh Pillow!

The Winkzzz Refresh Pillow is infused with ceramic to give you a cool and refreshing night’s sleep!

Do you wake up hot and sweating at night? Is it impossible to get comfortable on your pillow? Winkzzz Refresh is an environmentally sustainable organic polyol pillow with a bio-ceramic infusion that keeps you cool as a cucumber all night long.


The Perfect Pillow Fit

Finally, a pillow that is the right fit with an innovative design for your head and neck. Winkzzz Refresh isn’t rectangular, and it’s definitely not “one-size-fits-all.” Our pillows are uniquely contoured to your size and solve your toughest sleep complaints. This Canadian-made pillow combines medical proficiency with luxury quality materials.

Medical Design Meets Ultimate Comfort

Stop tossing and turning all night from heat and neck pain! Winkzzz Refresh Pillow was designed by Dr. Will Heidary, a Chiropractor with over 25 years of experience in treating chronic neck pain. Other memory foam pillows provide support but are hot. Not Winkzzz, by infusing our pillow with ceramic it stays cool as a cucumber all night long.


Life is Cooler with Winkzzz

Don’t be a rectangle! Generic pillows aren’t shaped for your body and being too hot at night leads to discomfort and restless sleep.  Winkzzz Refresh Pillow is made of environmentally sustainable organic polyol infused with ceramic which supports and cradles your head and neck. This pillow ensures perfect resting spinal alignment with its unique design while providing ultimate cool sleep comfort.

Make Sleep Dreamy Again

  • Our Perfect Pillow Measurement Tool ensures a perfect pillow fit
  • Three different densities
  • Two unique infusions to choose from
  • Highest quality gel memory foam that cradles your head and neck
  • Perfect shoulder cut out for ultimate neck support and superior comfort for side sleepers

Stay Cool While You Sleep

Winkzzz Refresh Pillow is manufactured with bio-ceramic-infused memory foam. Infusing bio-ceramic directly into the ventilated memory foam keeps it cool and refreshing all night long while promoting a neutral spine posture for sleep. Our specialty memory foam is naturally breathable and durable. Our pillows dissipate excess heat and moisture by using wicking technology.

Cooling Properties of Bio-Ceramic

  • Creates subtle Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to increase blood circulation 
  • Breathable & durable
  • Disperses & wicks away heat
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves blood oxygen levels
  • Perfect for those who wake up hot or can’t get comfortable at night

Pillows with benefits

Sleeping with our Winkzzz Refresh Pillow has additional benefits. Our pillows are environmentally sustainable & hypoallergenic. Our polyols (specialty memory foam) retain their shape under pressure providing support and relief to your head and neck.

Make Sleep Dreamy Again

  • Customized Technology

    Use our Winkzzz Measurement Quiz to get your perfect pillow fit!

  • Designed with Medical Expertise

    Designed by a chiropractor that specializes in chronic pain!

  • moon-stars

    30 Night Sleep Easy Trial

    Try our pillow for 30 nights and if you don’t like it, we will refund you for the pillow!


Luxury Add-On Features

The Winkzzz Pillow comes with its own organic custom GOTS certified material to protect your pillow, but we do recommend a custom-fit pillowcase to optimize your best night’s sleep. Choose between our environmentally friendly Tencel or lavish Mulberry Silk pillowcase. Don’t forget your Winkzzz sleep mask. Sweet Dreams!

Sleep Soundly with Your Decision! All Pillows Include:

  • 30 Night Sleep Easy Trial

  • Hassle free returns

  • 1 year warranty

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