Stop waking up hot & sweaty in the night!

It’s been a long day, and you are ready for bed. Your head barely hits the pillow, and comfort surrounds you. Your pillow is cool as you lull off to a great night’s sleep. But a few hours into your slumber, you start tossing and turning. Your neck and shoulder ache and you feel hot and uncomfortable. Before you know it, you are sweating and wide awake. So much for a restful night’s sleep. 

Does this sound like you? Winkzzz Refresh can solve this problem by keeping your pillow cool all night long. Our ceramic infusion is designed for people who sleep hot or suffer from night sweats. 

How Common is Overheating while Sleeping?

According to a study of over 2000 patients by the National Library of Medicine, 41% of both men & women reported experiencing night sweats with the predominant age range being 41 to 55 years old. This means that a large percentage of people aren’t getting a proper night’s sleep due to tossing, turning, and ultimately waking up from being too hot and uncomfortable. 

Sleep Posture Matters

As if being hot wasn’t bad enough another common problem that stops people from having uninterrupted sleep is poor sleep posture. When you sleep with your arm tucked under your pillow or on your stomach you are putting excess stress on your joints, neck, and spine. If you aren’t sleeping with a pillow that provides the right head and neck support, you may wake up hot or with aches and pains. 

Common Causes of Night Sweats

Throughout the night your body has an internal thermostat designed to regulate your temperature within a few narrow degrees to keep you healthy and functioning at optimal levels. When your temperature goes up too much your body sweats to cool it down and keep it in a healthy range. Things that affect your temperature at night include:

  • Hormones! This includes changes to your body like pregnancy, menopause, and changes in the endocrine system. Problems with your hypothalamus and the adrenal system can also contribute to night sweats.
  • Medications: Your new antidepressant may be helping with mood but is it causing you to sweat at night? Along with SSRI’s, steroids and pain relievers may also cause sweating. 
  • Caffeine Intake & Alcohol: Caffeine is a stimulant that triggers your central nervous system and activates your sweat glands. Too many cups during the day can leave you sweating at night. Alcohol is also known for triggering perspiration and one too many glasses before bed can leave you waking up in a pool of sweat. 
  • Bedding Material: Not all mattresses, pillows, and sheets are made equally. Organic cotton is a top choice for breathability and comfort. When it comes to spinal health, memory foam is superior for comfort and support but it has been known to get too hot at night. 

Regulate your Body Temperature with Winkzzz Refresh

Lifestyle changes can reduce overheating at night but in some cases, this may be out of your control. In this instance, the right bedding and pillows can make a huge difference in regulating your body temperature while keeping you comfortable at night. 

  • Winkzzz Refresh is designed to reduce neck pain and also keep you cool all night long by addressing several issues at once. 
  • Our pillow is made from a specialty polyols memory foam. Unlike memory foam that heats up as you sleep on it, our pillow maintains durability and structural integrity while dissipating excess heat and moisture. 
  • The cells of the foam are infused with ceramic which is known to improve blood circulation and absorb excess heat. 

Stop waking up multiple times a night from heat and get measured for your perfect fit Winkzzz Refresh ceramic infused pillow now. Trust us, you’ll be happy you joined us on the cool side of sleep.

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