Winkzzz Pillow breaks the unhealthy habit of stomach sleeping

So you are a stomach (prone position) sleeper, and you have tried to break the habit, but you just can’t! Welcome to Winkzzz. We are here to help you. First, let’s talk about your sleep problems: How is the quality of your sleep? Are you feeling refreshed when you get up in the morning? Do you notice neck and back pain? Do you wake up frequently in the night with frozen limbs, numbness or throbbing pain? 

The truth is 16% of the population prefers to sleep on their tummy, and this can cause long-term effects on your spinal health and overall wellness. People who don’t get a good night’s sleep also suffer from impaired cognitive function and productivity during the day time hours.  

Don’t fret! This story ends with a happy night of restful zzz’s because our Winkzzz Pillow is specifically designed to effortlessly break the unhealthy habit of stomach sleeping.

Sleep Posture Matters!

So why is sleeping on your stomach so bad for your health? We are glad you asked! Tummy sleeping adds unnecessary pressure to your hips, back, abdomen, and neck. Here is a closer look at how it affects each of these individual areas of your body over time:

Lower Back Pain

Stomach sleeping contributes to spinal misalignment which results in too much pressure on your lower back. When your lower back discs are under pressure for prolonged periods you wake up with an aching lower back that can last into your day leaving you reaching for pain-relievers.

Pelvic Tilt

Stomach sleepers are known for pushing their pelvis down into the mattress. Your spine should maintain a natural curve, but when you sleep on your stomach you are losing your spinal curve. A misaligned or tilted pelvis can cause inflammation to the sacroiliac joint and can cause nerve irritation in the area which feels like an ache or radiating pain that travels down your legs. A tilted pelvis can also make you feel unstable and unsteady when you are standing, walking, or exercising.

Neck Pain

When you are face down you can’t breathe. So most stomach sleepers resort to turning their heads to one side while sleeping on their stomach. Twisting your neck while putting pressure on your spine will definitely lead to a health disaster. The worst-case scenario is a herniated disc which is very painful and requires ongoing treatment to heal.

Frozen Limbs

Ever wake up in the night with pins and needles in your arms or legs? That’s because when your neck and spine are misaligned it causes pressure on the nerves where they exit the spinal column. This pressure disrupts nerve function causing tingling, pain, and weakness. Prolonged periods of joint pressure can result in inflammation of the surrounding tissues, muscles, and tendons which can affect your limbs during the day as well.

Recurring Night-Time Wakings

Those who sleep on their stomach wake up more frequently during the night from tossing and turning. This is due to discomfort from putting more pressure on your joints.


Ok, this is more of a beauty drawback, but if you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles then sleeping on your tummy with your face down is one of the worst things you can do! Having your face down all night also increases acne.

The Winkzzz Pillow Breaks Stomach Sleeping Habits

You are here because you have tried to break the habit, but you can’t! You still wake up in the night and find you are stomach down. The Winkzzz Pillow is created by a chiropractor with over 25 years of experience treating patients just like you and listening to their pain complaints and concerns.

  • The Winkzzz Pillow is designed around your unique head, neck, and shoulder measurements, which means it cradles and supports your body while providing ultimate comfort even when you are sleeping on your back or side. 
  • The Winkzzz Pillow won’t put added pressure on the back of your head, and if you side-sleep there is the perfect-sized cut out for your shoulder to rest within the pillow while keeping you locked into place. You won’t be tempted (even in your sleep) to roll onto your stomach! 

Stop wasting time trying to break a subconscious habit by yourself. People have tried for years, and it hasn’t worked because they aren’t in full control of a sleeping body. Wake up feeling amazing after the best night’s sleep using the Winkzzz Pillow. Purchase your custom pillow here now! 

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